31 May 2008

Polish Military lists, Concentration Camp Records

List of casualties of the Polish Army, killed in action or died from wounds from the years 1918-1920

Index of soldiers of the Polish Legions from the years 1918-1920

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The aim of the project is to commemorate Polish citizens who were oppressed and persecuted under German occupation during the years 1939-45.
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This browser allows for searching the contents of the Auschwitz Memorial website, including the data bases with partly preserved data about Auschwitz prisoners.

Dachau Concentration Camp Records
While the focus of Holocaust research has, understandably, been on Jewish victims and survivors, it is often overlooked that most persons identified in camp and forced labor records were non-Jewish and ITS estimates that roughly three quarters of the persons identified in its collection are non-Jews. For example, more Italian and French non-Jews were deported for forced labor than Italian or French Jews. Similarly, millions of non-Jewish Poles (including thousands of Catholic priests), Ukrainians and Yugoslavs are identified as deportees in extant records, while their Jewish compatriots were often murdered without records.

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